Update for Astromech!

Hello there and many apologies for forgetting to send this out! In light of a Youngling that is heading my way.. I am needing time to organise a great many things.. This has resulted in a new roster moving forward. We will record and publish three episodes of Astromech per month to allow me to have one rest week. It also allows our other co-hosts to alternate weeks. Last week was 'Week One' With Isaac, Liam and Ben. This week is 'Week Two' with Isaac Andrew and Ben. And lastly 'Week Three' With Isaac Liam and Andrew. We will keep the fourth week reserved for any special content that comes out in the future. But for now this well help us to always stay refreshed and ready to go! Thank you for all your support with PLUGGING IN! Because of you, we were able to afford a new audio desk <3 With much love on this special day, Isaac Mark Anthony

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